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Age is Not a Barrier


Age is not the final frontier for “Star Trek” actor William Shatner.

At age 90, yes 90 he has ventured where few have gone before – into space!

Reel life to real life!

Watch Shatner’s historic space flight by clicking on the image below.

Did you know that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (who played the role of Spock) suffer from deafness problems?

This was apparently caused a loud explosion from a stage prop which occurred during one of their shoots for this series during the mid-1960’s.

However, they never let the problem deter them but through the years, both have still appeared in television and movies showing to everyone they still have what it takes to be in the entertainment industry.

Shatner during that 10-minute, rocket-powered ride to the edge of space put his body through crushing g-forces but has said that the hardest part was the ability to quickly ease out of his chair and was apprehensive that his arthritis would prevent him from doing so.

But practice makes perfect! As the historic flight has revealed, Shatner was able to get out of his chair and enjoy the few seconds of weightlessness.

We need to pass this message on to our loved aging adults. Don’t let age be a limiting factor. They can still achieve and do great things.

Our loved ones can participate in a wide array of activities, based on their individual preferences and capacity. They can easily boost endurance and strength with regular exercise and activity.

Here are some suggestions to encourage your loved ones:

• Let them find a hobby – reading, painting, sketching, cooking, gardening
• Exercise regularly – according to their capability and health conditions
• Watch and read motivational posts, podcasts, videos
• Interact with friends and family
• Let them try something new
• Let them contribute in some way – do household chores, go grocery shopping etc.

We do acknowledge they may need a little assistance and some encouragement sometimes.

That’s where we can help. Our caregivers are trained to let your loved ones be as independent as possible and do their own thing and stepping in where and when required.


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