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Caregivers Team of Approved Healthcare Etobicoke Ontario

Our Team

Our Team goal is to consistently provide effective personal care and support for our clients. We strive to enhance their quality of life by personally engaging with them to find out what will bring more joy into their lives. 

Our diverse caregivers love what they do, and they are passionate about their profession. It is in their nature to be caring and truly enjoy supporting and helping people feel comfortable and safe.

So we take good care not only of you, your family or loved ones but also our team of Caregivers. We treat them with the respect that they deserve and welcome their feedback so that together we may continue to improve service to our clients.

Caregivers Canada Approved Healthcare Etobicoke

Louise Grant, Founder & Owner

Louise Grant has a compassion for helping and educating others. Her spiritual nature, ambition, drive and a savvy business mind are just a few of the qualities that have helped her succeed in life.

Her first career was with the Ministry of Health in the Provincial Government for 30 years as a Purchasing Officer. She made an impact not only from a business perspective but also with her colleagues and peers. She had created a collaborative and engaging working environment by initiating and running events and outings within the different ministries. However, after 30 years, she felt it was time to move on.

Louise decided to enter the entrepreneurial world and wanted to do more for her community. With the encouragement of her Pastor and friends built this Caregiver’s Placement Agency she has named Approved Healthcare.

Louise is a wife and a proud mother of a lovely daughter and wonderful son. She believes in making smart food choices and working out each day, she states, “it keeps me feeling young and alive”!

Proud SickKids Donor

Louise Grant, founder and owner of Approved Healthcare, has prioritized giving back to the community through the SickKids Foundation and the “SickKids VS Limits” fundraising campaign.

Louise agrees with the belief that children are the future and therefore is a regular donor to this great cause that supports SickKids new expansion of a patient support centre, new administrative building, and future developments in pediatric research. 

Caregivers Canada Approved Healthcare Etobicoke

Joan Lee, Registered Nurse

Joan, our Lead Registered Nurse of over 23 years, works in most areas of nursing and with people of all ages and ethnicity. This profession allows her to play a part, big or small, in helping to improve the health and well-being of people in need. Joan says ” that’s what makes my day”.

As a wife and mother, Joan’s faith is a big part of who she is. She believes that we are all on this earth to make a positive difference; to take care of each other and to treat all people with dignity and respect.

Joan would love to see people become more connected with each other during their time together, because once the time is gone, you will never get it back.

Caregiver Team, Approved Home Care, Etobicoke, ON

Our Team of Caregivers

We have a wonderful group of professional Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) devoted to their calling. Our PSW’s go above and beyond what is asked when providing our clients with the personal support and attention they need and don’t need. They devote themselves to our clients, easily create a strong bond between them, and do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable, happy, and safe.

We continue to be amazed at the depth of compassion and empathy these women have and who put their own needs aside for the sake of our clients, especially when the client has dementia or is on the path to needing palliative care.

We as a human race are blessed to have people like them caring for our loved ones and who are perfect strangers, simply because they have so much love to give. We are very proud of our caregivers!

And, it makes us think, what would we do without them?


One of our goals at Approved Healthcare is to inform you about programs and services that are available to help ease your financial burden from healthcare costs.

The following are programs that may apply to your health care needs, as well as how to save on private caregiver service costs. Click on any of the program headings below to get more details.

Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors

Did you know there are discounted Healthcare Programs available, and not just for seniors but people who have serious health issues?

We want to help you to Get Informed!

Dental care for low-income seniors

Learn how to access free, routine dental care for eligible seniors 65 years or older, through the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program. The program is designed to support low-income seniors.


You can apply for the program if you:

  • are 65 years of age or older
  • are a resident of Ontario
  • meet the income requirements.
  • have no other form of dental benefits, including private insurance or dental coverage under another government program such as Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program or Non-Insured Health Benefits

Click here to learn more:   https://www.ontario.ca/page/dental-care-low-income-seniors

Trillium Drug Program

The Trillium Drug Program helps Ontarians pay for their high prescription-drug costs. This plan covers more than 4,400 prescription drugs currently available through the Ontario Drug Benefits (ODB) Program

You should apply if you:

  • live in Ontario
  • have a valid Ontario health card number
  • do not have an insurance plan that pays for 100% of your drugs
  • spend about 4% or more of your after-tax household income on prescription-drug costs
  • do notalready qualify for the Ontario Drug Benefit* program

Details can be found on the website:


or by calling:

1-800-575-5386 (toll free)

1-800-387-5559 (TTY)

416-642-3038 (in Toronto area)

Ontario Drug Benefit Program (ODB)

You will qualify for the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program when you turn 65 years old or because of specific circumstances.

Click here to learn more:           


Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Do Not Pay HST!

If you are eligible to receive services from LHIN caregivers (lower rates), and you also have a private caregiver, then you do NOT have to pay HST for private care during the duration of receiving LHIN caregiver services.

Click here to find the LHIN office in your area: http://www.lhins.on.ca/

Family Caregiver Tax Benefit Info - Tax credits for families who personally care for their loved ones.

The family caregiver amount (FCA) is a non-refundable tax credit that helps Canadians with the costs of caring for a dependent with a physical or mental impairment who is living with the taxpayer.

Click Here to Learn More.

Assistive Devices Program

If you have a long-term physical disability, you can get help paying for equipment and supplies when you qualify for the Assistive Devices Program.

Click Here to Learn More

Feel free to send us your request for information and we will get back to you asap.

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