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Here is a piece of soothing, calm and relaxing music. You can meditate, chill and get some stress relief.

Benefits of Music for Elderly

Did you know Music has a powerful effect on the mind?

Music can help people process a wide range of emotions, from happiness to excitement, as well as calmness, and mindfulness.

Studies have shown that older adults with dementia benefit by listening to some soothing music regularly. Especially when someone is frustrated, angry or agitated, playing a soothing song can help ease the tension and calm them down.

There are many ways to get older adults to listen to music. You can create playlists and label the playlists with easy to remember titles. Or you can play a karaoke sing along video and encourage your loved ones to join in.

Some Key Benefits of Music for Older Adults

As mentioned, music can help promote overall health and wellness and provide the means to elicit positive memories and emotions. Singing and dancing stimulates the mind and keeps seniors active and engaged.

Music can prompt older ones to get more exercise by dancing or at least moving their body.

Since music touches your emotions, it prompts self-expression. Your loved ones may try becoming more communicative.

Music provides a distraction from pain and helps to relive stress and anxiety. This in turn, promotes better periods of rest and better sleep. Your loved one will feel more relaxed and calm.

Interestingly, music aids in memory recall and will help your loved ones remember things better. It is believed that classical music enhances memory retrieval, including Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Apparently, classical music helps fire off synapses, that re-energize brain pathways previously left dormant.

When your loved ones listen to their favourite songs, it is a good way for them to bring back fond memories. It is also a great way to encourage them to talk and share stories of their youth and childhood.

So, considering  the benefits of music for elderly, encourage your loved ones to actively listen to music, sing along and dance along. And if your loved ones play an instrument, that’s even better. Urge them to play frequently and try pick up new tunes and songs.