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Heart Surgery Recovery

We may not like it, we may not even anticipate it, but sometimes our loved ones need heart surgery.

Fortunately, today’s sophisticated medical procedures result in successful surgeries. Common types of heart surgery include the coronary artery bypass graft, where blood vessels from another part of the body like the leg are used to replace a blocked artery. Another type of surgery is the open-heart surgery where a bad heart valve is replaced or repaired.

However, what ever the type of surgery, the more challenging part is post-operative recovery and care especially once they are back home from the hospital.

Post surgical patients return home greatly fatigued and their regular schedules will probably have changed. With so many things to manage and monitor, it is strongly recommended that you enlist the help of a caregiver.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a caregiver.


The most important aspect of recovery is having someone assist you through your recovery. Just having someone to talk to, someone to help with routine tasks and the knowledge they are not alone makes a world of difference during the critical path towards full recovery for your loved ones.

Using Trained Professionals

Caregivers are trained to work with older adults. They will be able to assist your loved one and help them with mobility issues, take care your loved ones are fed on time ensuring dietary requirements are met and help them exercise. They will also keep a watchful eye and be able to report on any signs of undue distress or if they think there is an issue with your loved one.

Daily Reminders

Caregivers can remind your loved ones when they need to take medication. It is especially important that medications are taken as prescribed. Caregivers can help loved ones remember whether the medications need to be taken after a meal or before. They can also keep a watchful eye to see whether the medications are causing any side effects like nausea or dizziness.

Post Recovery Exercises

In most cases Doctors will recommend a gentle exercise regimen. Many older adults shy away from doing these prescribed exercises, but just having a companion to encourage them or maybe even join them will get them going. Our caregivers will not only help them exercise but will also make sure to let you know if the exercise seems to be too much for you loved one or if it is causing any discomfort.

Keeping Appointments

Our caregivers will remind your loved ones when their follow-up appointments are due and even accompany them. If you loved one is unable to drive, our caregivers will either arrange for transportation or drive your loved ones to their appointments.

Recovering from open heart surgery can be challenging and everyone’s recovery is different. Follow the Doctor’s orders and reach out for support. Give us a call and we can discuss the various options best suited for your needs.